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What Clients Say

Derek is an absolute joy to work with. He is patient, creative, and thinks out of the box and is not afraid to color outside the lines. His mentoring has absolutely changed the direction of our business. He brings a vast wealth of knowledge to the table that “money cannot buy”. I would recommend Derek for anyone that is looking for advice on marketing, strategic directions and what is a good brand of scotch to give to a client.

James Kennedy Managing Partner at FONTUR International

Bob is an inspiration and constant source of insight to any businessman who is lucky enough to have the benefit of his input. With a refreshing directness, Bob identifies the weakness and plots an achievable course of correction. Bob possesses the rare combination of extensive experience and forward vision. If he agrees to undertake a project, Bob can be the single greatest catalyst to progress in an organization. He is the hub of an extraordinary network of business professionals, and has made a profound difference at vital decision points, not only in our organization, but in dozens of others I have encountered.

Saxe Brickenden Director of Marketing at Evolution Home Entertainment Corp

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