Marketing is Not What You Think!

Derek A. Lackey,  January 19, 2015

Once in awhile I read an article that resonates deeply with my own experiences - this is one of those.

Inc magazine recently published What Most Marketers Get Wrong About Marketing in which David S Pottruck makes some great points that live at the very heart of marketing. IMarketing, as taught in University, is made up of the 4Ps. Yet somehow we have fixated on a single P - Promotion. Perhaps because it is the most visible one - or even perhaps because as David states, it is HARD.

Marketing is not about 'telling the story' (although that is part of it), it is more about making the story up. It is about inventing. To change that heavy emphasis on PROMOTION, we call the entire process WRAP, BAG TAG & BRAG and we take the position that you should never BRAG until you have done a great job of WRAP, BAG & TAG.

Inc says "When discussing his outlook on marketing, Pottruck starts with a question that he feels every business person should be asking themselves: "Whose job is it to figure out how to create growth?" he says, "In my way of thinking it's the head of marketing who owns growing the business. Getting more revenues, getting more customers is that person's job."

In other words, marketers often go wrong by focusing on the external components of what is often referred to as marketing rather than what it should really be about. "Marketing is not the same as adverting and promotion," Pottruck continues, "Advertising and promotion are about packaging and telling the story, but it's more than that. Marketing is about creating things that don't exist."

By Pottruck's definition, the ability of an organization to succeed or fail long term rests on its marketing. The best marketers start by going out and talking to their customers "eyeball to eyeball" to find out "what their dissatisfactions, unmet needs, hopes and dreams are." Then they work directly with teams throughout the organization to craft products and services that fill these needs. Only then do they concern themselves with packaging and pitching what they've developed.

So why don't more marketers take this approach?

It's hard."

I have just downloaded his book and I plan to read it during my trip to the West coast later this week. I promise to report back and give a good old fashoined Book report.


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