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Derek A. Lackey,  December 7, 2015

Once in awhile you come across an article that resonates. One that registers deep within you. This is one of those for me. If you love advertising iisten and read as Lee Clow - the man who stood side by side with Steve Jobs and created the Apple brand, speaks about what advertising looks like today. Mr. Clow (and he deserves to be called MR. in ANY circle) said: 

"Lots of clients want to put you in a box. Particularly in this day and age when digital agencies and media companies have been separated from the ad agencies. They all kind of claim their distinct territory and want advertising agencies to kind of stay in their little lane and not try to branch out and do other stuff."

And his comments about CMO's and their affect on brands is absolutely brilliant. I teach Marketing in College and I often tell the story of being hired as the new Brand Manager of Marlboro. The CEO says: " Welcome aboard!! Great to have you on the Marlboro Team. I want you to know you have full creative control here - just as long as you show an image of a cowboy, in a cowboy hat, with his horse, on the range and the headline reads WELCOME TO MARLBORO COUNTRY. Other than that - you knock yourself out! Oh yeah - and they must be double page spreads!"

Can you imagine! They discovered the right formula for the PROMOTION "P" so the team could focus on the other 3 "Ps". Their positioning was clear, locked in and resonated with the audience. Same as Apple.

If you are a fan of advertising as I am, you will love this interview (interesting to note it was conducted by Lance Crain of Crain Communications - torch bearer of one of the great Publishing familes in the US)

"If Lee Clow had to point to the one thing that he was proudest of in a long and legendary career in advertising, it would be the "Here's to the Crazy Ones" work, part of the "Think Different" campaign launched when Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997.

"That helped him kind of reclaim Apple before he invented all of the products that changed everything," Lee told me.

Steve, he said, was very involved in all aspects of "Crazy Ones."

"We wrote it, he rewrote it, we rewrote it -- it went through a number of rounds -- but Steve did not just sit back and wait for us to put copy on the desk. He told me personally it was one of the most emotional moments in his life when we restated Apple's ambition and goal with that commercial."

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